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What is paneer?

Paneer, taken from the Persian word ‘panir,’ is a different type of food than standard cheese. Many think it is interchangeable with cottage cheese; however, it is something quite unique.

It has no emulsifiers nor milk fats like cottage and other cheeses. Paneer is created by curdling milk with a natural fruit or vegetable acid which is then usually pressed under a stone slab for a dense texture that is easy to cube.

There are other ways to prepare and use paneer, too. This includes whipping together the curds rather than pressing them and kneading it into dough. Then it can be left to harden on its own, wrapped or dipped in batter then fried, or even boiled.

Often called the Indian cheese, there are several types of paneer used in a variety of dishes. It’s a popular ingredient in vegetarian Indian dishes. Paneer provides a wonderful flavor and texture and provides an excellent protein source.

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