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The Magic of Mukhwas

Did you ever notice a little bowl of colorful seeds near the entrance of an Indian Restaurant? What you’re looking at is called mukhwas, and it’s a traditional and ancient digestive aid.

Typically made out of seeds, and sometimes nuts, mukhwas — which roughly translates to “mouth” (mukh) “smell” (vas) — not only helps you feel better after a heavy meal but will also freshen your breath naturally! Some of the ingredients that you may find in mukhwas include fennel seed, anise seed, coriander or sesame seeds. Often, the seeds are coated in colorful candy shells. Though some mukhwas are savory, you will typically encounter the sweet version, which offers a subtle licorice flavor and might be mixed with peppermint oil or sugar.

So next time you’re picking up your Indian takeout here in Denver, or about to head home after a delicious meal, be sure to try a spoonful of mukhwas!

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