Tandoori Chicken at Serene Cuisine of India

Tandoori Chicken – By Serene Cuisine of India

Tandoori chicken is one of our top dishes, tender chicken marinated in creamy yogurt and spices cooked in tandoor, served with mint and tamarind chutney. The dish is cooked in a charcoal flame clay oven with a temperature of 900 degrees, which gives the smoky flavor to the meat and vegetables. All our tandoori items are served with sautéed mixed vegetables and a side of masala sauce. In addition to being a delicious entree, this dish is gluten-free.

You can enjoy our Tandoori chicken dish at the newly opened Serene Cuisine of India which is located right near the Denver University main campus at the corner of University and Evans.

At Serene Cuisine of India, we serve Denver diners with a dazzling array of Indian dishes prepared in traditional methods honed over the centuries. We look forward to your first experience and visit with us.

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