Authentic Indian Spices used at Serene Cuisine of India

Spicy Indian dishes to try

Serene Cuisine of India

If you love spicy food and the extreme heat that comes with it, you will automatically fall in love with Indian food. This is because Indian dishes are known for using chili peppers in many recipes, from their curries to their desserts.

Additionally, eating spicy food is known to reduce your chances of contracting cancer or heart disease. Here are some spicy Indian dishes you ought to try.

1. Vindaloo

Vindaloo is an extremely spicy curry that is made with meat marinated in vinegar for tenderness. The meat can be chicken, pork, or lamb, and garlic and Kashmiri chilies are its main ingredients for added flavor.

2. Phaal curry

This is a tomato-based curry made with a large number of chili peppers, ginger, and fennel seeds. It’s one of the hottest forms of curries available since it uses extremely hot peppers.

If you’re looking for a reputable Indian restaurant Denver-wide, then Serene Cuisine of India is one of the best that serves spicy food.

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