Naan, Saag, Rice and Curry

So what is Saag?

Serene Cuisine of India

If you are looking for authentic Indian Cuisine in Denver, you should ensure that your dish has saag. Saag is a common dish in the Indian state of Odisha, where it is served with cooked rice that is either washed or fermented in water. Saag is one of the 56 dishes that are offered to Lord Jagannath in the Temple of Puri that is found in Odisha. There are other parts of India where saag is found, including West Bengal and Punjab.

Saag was traditionally made with mustard plant leaves that were eaten with unleavened bread made with yellow maize flour. Conventional saag is made with spinach that is prepared with onion, ginger, garlic, tomato, and ground spices. It may also contain a tinge of homemade yogurt and gluten-free heavy cream. Saag is served with different meats such as lamb, chicken, fish, and shrimp in Serene Cuisine of India, an Indian restaurant in Denver.

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