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Our menu is based on authentic products and passionate cooking


All our Entrees are Gluten free and served with basmati rice.
18% gratuity will be added for party of 6 or above.

Murgh Malai Tikka at Serene Cuisine of India, Denver CO
Aromatic Dum Biryani at Serene Cuisine of India
Chicken Tikka at Serene Cuisine of India, Denver CO
Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken) at Serene Cuisine of India, Denver CO
Mumbai Frankie at Serene Cuisine of India
Samosa Denver colroado
Tandoori Shrimp Denver colorado
Selection of traditional curries at Serene Cuisine of India
Tandoori chicken Denver Colorado
Lassis served at Serene Cuisine of India
Murgh Malai Tikka at Serene Cuisine of India, Denver CO
Vegetable Samosa $8

Crisp pastries stuffed with spiced potatoes & green peas served with mint and tamarind chutney

Meat Samosa $10

Crisp pastries stuffed with ground lamb and green peas served with homemade chutney

Mini Samosa $7

Bite-size vegetarian samosas served with homemade chutneys

Tandoori Wings $10 (GF)

Bone in chicken wings baked in tandoori clay oven – tossed with chaat masala and lime

Chicken Pakora $8 (GF/DF)

Marinated chicken breast strips dipped in chickpea batter and deep fried till crispy

Vegetable Pakora $7 (GF/DF)

Chopped baby spinach, onions, potatoes mixed with chickpea batter to create a crisp fritter served with mint and tamarind chutney

Coconut Shrimp $8 (GF)

Jumbo Shrimp dipped in chickpea batter, deep fried and served with korma sauce

Momo $7 (DF)

Indian style dumpling, served either fried or steamed. Choice of vegetable and chicken served with serene special chutney

Kesari Paneer Tikka $10

Homemade cottage cheese lightly marinated with saffron and yogurt with chef’s special spice blend and cooked in tandoor oven to perfection

Spring Mix Salad $5

Mixed greens, diced cucumbers, diced bell pepper, cherry tomatoes served with serene special dressing

Add Paneer: $2
Add Tandoor Grilled Chicken: $3
Add Tandoor Grilled Shrimp: $4

Soup of the Day (Chefs Choice) $5
Dal Soup $5

Mildly spiced yellow lentil soup seasoned with spices & herbs

Chicken Soup $5

Lentil based soup with diced chicken tikka & spices topped with basmati rice


An open Charcoal flame clay oven with a temperature of 900 °F, which gives the smoky flavor to the meats, vegetables and breads. All of our tandoori items are served with sautéed mixed vegetables and a side of masala sauce. (Gluten Free)

Tandoori Chicken $16

Bone in chicken marinated in yogurt and spices cooked in tandoor, served with mint and tamarind chutney

Malai Kebab $17

The cream cheese marinated boneless alternative to the famous Tandoori Chicken served on skewers

Tandoori Shrimp $18

Jumbo shrimp seasoned with homemade spices

Tandoori Mahi $18

Indian style Mahi – Mahi marinated with authentic Indian spices

Lamb Seekh Kebab $18

Minced Lamb with aromatic spices wrapped around skewers and cooked in tandoor

Serene Special Kebab Platter (chicken, lamb & seafood) $20

Handpicked mixed kebabs with a blend of authentic Indian spices and served in a bed of aromatic basmati rice with butter, roasted tomatoes and serene special sauce


A common delicacy of India cooked with onions, ginger, garlic, cloves, cinnamon, coriander, turmeric, and pan roasted cumin to a medium thick consistency (Gluten Free & Dairy Free)

Chicken Curry $15
Lamb Curry $16
Shrimp Curry $16
Fish Curry $16
Combination Curry $17

Korma is a dish originating in the Indian subcontinent, consisting of meat braised with yogurt or cream, water or stock, and spices to produce a thick sauce or glaze with coconut & topped with cashews and raisins (Gluten Free)

Chicken Korma $16
Lamb Korma $17
Shrimp Korma $17
Fish Korma $17

Chunks of roasted marinated meat cooked in a mildly spiced curry sauce thickened with yogurt and cream to get the authentic medium thick consistency. Our chefs are dedicated to implement the traditional recipes from ancient times (Gluten Free)

Chicken Tikka Masala $16
Lamb Masala $17
Shrimp Masala $17
Fish Masala $17

Boneless tender meat pieces cooked with chopped spinach and freshly ground spices, garlic, ginger, onion, tomato with a hint of homemade yogurt finished with delicately added heavy cream (Gluten Free)

Chicken Saag $15
Lamb Saag $16
Fish Saag $16
Shrimp Saag $16

Vindaloos traditionally are a tongue searing curry. Meat marinated with vinegar for its tenderness and garlic for its flavor. These curries are a little intense & therefore we serve them with a side of our creamy cucumber yogurt sauce which will cool down your tongue. If you are in a mood for something spicy then it’s a must have dish on the menu (Gluten Free/Dairy Free)

Chicken Vindaloo $15
Lamb Vindaloo $16
Shrimp Vindaloo $16
Fish Vindaloo $16

A curry-based dish blended with our house spices cooked with bell peppers and onions served with your choice of meat (Gluten Free/Dairy Free)

Chicken Bhuna $15
Lamb Bhuna $16
Shrimp Bhuna $16
Fish Bhuna $16
Express Lunch Menu (11:00am – 2:30pm)

Served with mango chutney, rice, naan and your choice of protein and sauce

Choice of Protein :

Vegetable (any vegetable from vegetarian menu): $10
Chicken: $11
Lamb: $12
Fish / Shrimp: $12

Choice of Sauce :


Navratan Korma $14

Chopped vegetables cooked in our traditional korma sauce

Palak Paneer $14

Our homemade Paneer cheese cooked with home ground spices & creamy spinach

Kadai Paneer $14

Cottage cheese and green peppers in a spicy tomato and onion gravy

Aloo Gobi $12 (V)

Potatoes & cauliflower pan fried with hints of turmeric, garlic, cilantro & tomato, topped off with clarified butter

Mattar Paneer $14

Homemade Paneer cheese cooked with peas in our traditional curry sauce

Baingan Bharta $14 (V)

Tandoor smoked eggplant, chopped and seasoned with tomatoes, garlic and butter

Dal Makhani $12

Black lentils cooked with garlic, ginger, tomato, curry spices and a little butter

Dal Tadka $12 (V)

Yellow lentils cooked with onions, garlic, ginger and roasted cumin topped with butter

Channa Masala $12 (V)

Chickpeas cooked in a curry-based sauce, topped with fresh diced onions & cilantro

Malai Kofta $14

Mixed vegetables & spices rolled into a chickpea batter & deep fried then cooked in our chef’s signature sauce

Paneer Makhani $14

Hand cut cubed cheese, cooked in our famous masala sauce with a hint of paprika for a mild red color

Veggie Curry $12 (V)

Mix blend of carrot, potatoes, green peas, green beans, chickpea cooked in medium thick curry sauce

Bhindi Masala $12 (V)

Okra cooked with onion, tomatoes & spices

Aloo Matter $12 (V)

Potatoes cooked with green peas & spices

Kashmiri Lamb Rogan Josh $18

A lamb delicacy from Kashmir, braised in yogurt and browned onion gravy

Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken) $17

Classic chicken tikka in a tomato and cream gravy, flavored with dry fenugreek leaves

Jalfrezi $17

Marinated meat with home ground spices cooked with mixed vegetables served with your choice of meat, chicken or lamb

Madras $18

Meat marinated with authentic Indian spices tossed with chef special spicy and garlic flavored sauce served with your choice of meat, chicken or lamb


Long grain basmati rice cooked with home ground spices and served with your choice of meat. A meal in itself served with creamy cucumber yogurt sauce (Gluten Free)

Vegetable Biryani $15
Chicken Biryani $16
Lamb Biryani $17
Shrimp Biryani $18

Choice of proteins wrapped in a thin naan filled with sautéed bell peppers and onions, fresh tomatoes drizzled with mint and tamarind chutney served with raita and masala sauce

Chicken Tikka $14
Lamb Kebab $15

Upgrade your bread to roti or garlic naan for $1

Shrimp Tikka $15
Paneer Tikka $12
Zeera Alu $10
Butter Naan $3

A buttery delicious flat bread

Garlic Naan $4

Flatbread topped with fresh garlic and cilantro

Serene Special Naan $4

Naan stuffed with spiced potatoes, chicken, ground lamb, cheese, cilantro and garlic

Roti $3 (DF/V)

The whole wheat alternative to naan

Stuffed Kulcha $4

Choose any one stuffing from lamb, chicken, onion, potatoes

Cheese Naan (add garlic or jalapeno – .50) $4

Blend of cheddar and mozzarella packed flatbread baked to perfection

Puri $3 (DF/V)

Whole Wheat deep-fried flatbread

Kid’s Murgh Malai Tikka $8

Boneless chicken breast marinated and cooked in tandoor, served with your choice of sauce, masala or korma & rice or naan

Homemade Mac N Cheese $5

Macaroni and cheese blend in creamy sauce

Chicken Nuggets and Fries $5
Raita $4

Cucumber, carrot bits in whipped yogurt, spiced.

Kesari Pilau $4

(Saffron infused basmati rice with nuts, raisins and green peas)

Tamarind Chutney $4
Mint Chutney $4
Papadam $3
Plain Yogurt $3
Achar $3

Indian Pickle

Basmati Rice $2
Brown Rice $3
Kheer $5

Sweet, creamy Basmati rice pudding, topped with almonds, pistachios and coconut

Gulab Jamun $5

A milk-solid-based sweet from the Indian subcontinent dipped in a sweet warm cardamom syrup, served with vanilla ice cream

Mango Cheesecake $5

Homemade mango flavored cheesecake served with whipped cream and marmalade

Gajar Ka Halwa $5

Caramelized grated carrots, studded with pistachios and served with whipped cream

Chai $3
Iced Chai Latte $5
(Hot) Tea or Coffee $3
Mango Lassi $5
Lassi (Salty or Sweet) $3
Soft Drinks $2

Diet Coke®
Dr. Pepper®
Ginger Ale
Fanta® Orange
Mello Yellow®
Unsweetened Iced Tea
Raspberry Iced Tea

Old Fashion | $9 (House) | $11 (14 Year)

Bourbon, Simple Syrup, Peychauds Bitters, Regan Orange Bitters

Knob Creek Rye Manhattan | $11

Knob Creek Rye, Vermouth, Bitters

John Collins | $10

Buffalo Trace, Regatta Club Soda, Citrus Sour

Whiskey Sour | $10 House | $11 Top Shelf

Whiskey with Lemon Juice and Simple Syrup

Admiral Highball | $10

Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey, Pineapple Juice, Lemon Juice, Regatta Club Soda

Peach Boulevardier | $10

Peach Puree, Yellowstone Bourbon, Carpano Antica, Peychauds Apertivo

Daiquiri | $9

Montanya Rum, Lime Juice, Simple Syrup

Cristal Pineapple Daiquiri | $9

Brugal Rum, Giffard Pineapple, Lime Juice

Strawberry Air Mail | $10

Myers Dark Rum, Angostura Bitters, Honey Syrup, Lime Juice, Strawberries, Topped With Prosecco

Two Way Frose | $10

Three Olives Rose Vodka, Rose Wine, Ginger Syrup, Simple Syrup, Lemon Juice

Moscow Mule | $9

Vodka, Regatta Ginger Beer, Lime, Simple Syrup

Orange Mango Mule | $10

Deep Eddy Vodka, Cointreau, Mango Puree, Regatta Ginger Beer, Lime Juice

Cucumber Mule | $9

Western Son Cucumber Vodka, Regatta Ginger Beer, Lime Juice

Mango Blossom | $9

Deep Eddy Vodka, Chase Ederflower, Lime Juice, Orange-Blossom Water

El Diablo | $9

Exotico Tequila, Giffard Raspberry Liqueur, Regatta Ginger Beer, Lime Juice

Backyard Garden | $9

Exotico Repo Tequila, Giffard Creme de Peche, Tiki Bitters, Basil, Lime

Negroni | $9

St George Gin, Sweet Vermouth, Peychauds Apertivo

Italian Sunset | $9

Sipsmith Gin, St George Bruto Americano, Lemon Juice, Topped with Prosecco

Aviation | $9

Sipsmith Gin, Giffard Creme de Violette, Marasaka Maraschino Liqueur, Lemon Juice

Bottled Beer

Taj Mahal $5 | Flying Horse $8 | Guinness $5 | Odell IPA  5$  | Upslope $5 | Carlsberg Elephant $5 | Peach Mango Blonde $5 | Sierra Nevada Pale Ale $5 | Heineken $5 | Fat Tire $5 | Corona $5 | Miller Coors Non Alcoholic $5

Draft Beer

Full Sail Blood Orange $5 | Samuel Adams Boston Lager $5 | Coors Light $5 | Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA $5 | Blue Moon Belgian White $5

White Wines
Lunetta, Prosecco, Italy $6

Refreshing with crisp fruit flavors and clean finish

Ruffino, Sparkling Rose, Italy $6

Strawberry notes and red berries with elegant bubbles

Vollereaux, Champagne Brut Reserve, France 375ml $30

White fruits, honey and apricot with consistent fine bubbles

Kung Fu Girl, Riesling, WA $7/$24

White peach, mandarin orange and apricot freshness

Argento, Pinot Grigio, Argentina $7/$24

Light and clean with peach, pear flavors with a bright finish

District 7, Sauvignon Blanc, CA $7/$24

Melon, passion fruit and citrus with a crisp finish

Kim Crawford, Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand $11/$36

Ripe tropical fruit, grapefruit and mineral notes

Kendall-Jackson, Chardonnay, CA $8/$27

Vanilla and honey notes with a hint of toasted oak

La Crema, Chardonnay, CA $12/$39

Bright citrus, apricot and honeydew, crisp apple and rich mouthfeel

Red Wines
Hahn, Pinot Noir, CA $8/$27

Black plums and black cherry with soft tannins

Meiomi, Pinot Noir, CA $12/$39

Rich garnet color, aromas of strawberry, jammy fruit, mocha and vanilla

The Velvet Devil, Merlot, WA $7/$24

Smooth velvet, deep fruit, cedar, tobacco and cassis

Portillo, Malbec, Argentina $7/$24

Red currant and black cherry with rounded tannins

Avalon, Red Blend, CA $7/$24

Blackberry, cherry fruits and hints of black peppers

The Seeker, Cabernet Sauvignon Chile $8/$27

Currant, blackberry and spices with velvety textures

Simi Winery, Cabernet Sauvignon CA $14/$45

Cassis, cocoa, pepper, cedar and roasted coffee with firm tannins


Chardonnay – Pinot Grigio – Red Blend