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Bhuna curry is a thick, medium hot, well-spiced dish that is common in Indian cuisine. Bhuna is more of a way of cooking than the meal itself, which is paired with the meat of your choices, such as chicken, lamb, or fish.

It involves gently frying a mix of spices in plenty of oil to bring out their sublime flavors. Once the deep, strong flavors fill the air, meat is added to the dish and cooked in its juices for an hour or two. This allows the sauce to reduce and thicken, making the meat tender.

Additionally, it incorporates other ingredients like shredded onions and green capsicum for garnishing. Some of the spices contained in the bhuna curry are ginger, coriander, cumin, garlic, curry leaves, and tomato.

You can have bhuna curry with naan bread and basmati rice at our Indian Restaurant Denver. Contact us today to see our menu and order Indian food takeaway.

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