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Indian Desserts You Need to Try

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When most people think about Indian food, they think about the rich, savory flavors of classic dishes like curries and dals. Sweet desserts are probably pretty far down the list of things you’re desperate to order from an Indian restaurant, but they shouldn’t be!

Indian desserts are not only delicious and sweet, but many of them are also healthy. It sounds too good to be true. Check out some of the most mouth-watering Indian desserts you simply must order the next time you get some Indian food delivery.

Gulab Jamun

For those who haven’t heard of gulab jamun or had the pleasure of trying it, this is one of the most popular Indian desserts out there. The dish consists of small fried dough soaked in a sugar syrup. They’re very sweet with secondary flavors of rose and cardamom. Milk powder and semolina are two of the key ingredients in this famous Indian dish. Gulab jamun melts in your mouth and is often served during celebrations such as Diwali.

Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa is a classic Indian pudding. The star ingredient of this dish is carrots so if you’re not a fan, you should try a different dessert option. It’s sweet and creamy and can be eaten hot or cold. To add some additional texture to the dish, the chef can add nuts such as pistachios.

Kheer (Indian Rice Pudding)

If you’re a fan of classic rice pudding, ordering kheer as your dessert with your Indian food delivery is a great choice. Kheer is a traditional dish from North India made with basmati rice, milk, cardamom, and sugar. It’s rich, creamy, and filling and can be served either warm or chilled, depending on your preference. As far as the process of making kheer goes, it’s fairly simple. The basic process is just cooking the rice in boiling milk then adding sugar and cooking down further. For so few ingredients and such a simple process, the result is incredible.

Try them All at the Best Indian Restaurant in Denver

These delicious desserts and other fantastic Indian food are available for you to try at Serene Cuisine in Denver. You won’t find better Indian food delivery anywhere else in the area. Order one (or more) of these desserts to find out what you’ve been missing. We’ll be thrilled to take your order and share this great food with you!

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