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Impressive health benefits of Bhindi Masala

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Impressive health benefits of bhindi masala

Bhindi Masala is a simple food that originated from Northern India. This delicacy is not only rich in flavor but also delicious and healthy. The Bhindi Masala is mildly spicy, hot, and tasty. The bhindi, popularly known as ‘lady’s finger’ in Indian restaurants, is a non-leafy green vegetable that contains dense nutritional content.

The Bhindi Masala is full of vitamin folate (B9) and C that helps in blood production and boosts immunity, respectively. Besides, the food also boasts of some dietary fiber content, which is good for stabilizing blood sugar levels and weight loss.

According to nutritionists, the Bhindi Masala is often packed with soluble fibers as well as antioxidants, which lowers the body cholesterol hence preventing heart disease.

At Serene Cuisine of India, we prepare a stunning array of Indian cuisines with your health at the back of our minds. Visit our restaurant located in Denver next to the Denver University campus and have a taste of the tastiest and nutritious Indian foods in town.

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