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Essential Indian Spices

Indian cuisine has unique and sensual elements because of its abundant flavor profile. There are tangy, sweet, and sour flavors mixing and mingling in a way that Western dishes often do not.

An important step in using Indian spices is “blooming.” This means cooking the spices in oil or butter (such as the clarified butter, ghee). This will bring out the flavor of the spices and enhance the dish.

Cardamom is used in chai, curries, and rice dishes. Very potent, citrusy, minty, and herbal.

Clove is pungent, strong and sweet with a bitter flavor. Clove also has warmth, almost a heat, an intensity.

Cumin. Many Indian curries call for this strong, aromatic spice. It is warm and earthy, as well as bitter. Like most Indian spices, it mixes well with others.

Turmeric is a bright yellow spice that gives many Indian dishes their characteristic color.  Like ginger, the spice is known for its anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties.

Cinnamon adds a delicate sweetness.

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