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Dal: A Vegan Delight

One of the most popular Indian dishes is a delicious Dal: a simple, healthy vegan stew or soup made from lentils, peas, or beans, plus a flavorful blend of spices.

In India, the word “dal” or “dahl” can refer to any dried legume, but here the term is most commonly associated with the popular stew that you’ll find on the menu at any Indian Restaurant.

Dal recipes vary by region in India and differ amongst Indian populations around the globe. In the southern part of the country as well as in Bangladesh, for instance, you’ll often come across dal made of mung beans. Indian communities in the Carribean and Africa generally make their dal from yellow split peas, while Nepalese Mussyang is a colorful dish made of multiple types of legumes.

Typically served over rice and accompanied by roti, chapati, or naan bread, Dal is a perfect protein-rich vegan meal.

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