Serene Cuisine of India interior

A very brief history of Indian cuisine

Serene Cuisine of India

The cuisine of India is as diverse as the people who live there, from mild and sweet to spicy and hot. The differences are fueled by each region and religion. Mongolian, Persian and Chinese cuisine are just some cultures that have influenced this 5000-year-old cuisine.

Religious Influence

Hindu and Muslim are the two primary religions that have dominated the culinary arena. Hindus are primarily vegetarian and Muslims cook a lot of meat, but pork is never allowed.

Dishes with fermented rice are a favorite of Hindu vegetarians in southern India and coconut seems to be the staple ingredient.

Many Muslims cook their dishes in clay over a tandoor.


The ingredients vary in the North, South, East, and West. Northerners eat a lot of flatbread. Southerners eat more rice and coconut. Easterners use a lot of milk, vegetables, and rice. While the western side like their dishes spicy!

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